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December 5, 2010

Bridging Two Points

Just a month ago, I looked outside my window and noticed that the leaves were changing. Being caught up with daily this-and-thats ever since school resumed, I hadn’t had time to take a trip to Central Park much, and was late to notice the transition to autumn. At that moment, I was loving the beauty of the warmer colors emerging in the leaves of the trees… way more than I was loving the cooler temperatures outside.

Another month has passed, and I find myself surprised again at how much it has changed outside. But it’s still technically autumn, right? Winter’s not supposed to start until the 21st this year… Ok, so the winter solstice marks the beginning of this upcoming season, but is the beginning really that clear?

Thinking of classical music, the issues that come from categorizing the different eras raise similar questions. Naming and dating years in music history into the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern periods, etc… is convenient because the generalizations pointed out about each era are relatively consistent within the given time frames. However, it can keep our minds boxed into our definitions of each era. It’s also mildly surprising to remember that many of the great composers that represent each era were alive and composing at the same time during the beginnings and endings of each others’ lives. At least it is for me.

On another note, I only captured the appearance of a tiny portion of the whole city, and therefore am not representing a comprehensive view of everything. But then again, it might also be that (textbook) music history also reflects only a small portion of the composers and performers out there throughout the eras.

In any case, this tree looks beautiful in whatever time of year. So we’ll leave it at that.